About EFI PrintMe

EFI™ PrintMe® offers a real-time printing solution that allows anyone to print anywhere via the mobile phone and Internet without any software, cables or print drivers. The solution caters to mobile professionals, who need 24/7 access to print documents anywhere and to businesses that want to increase their revenue streams, save money and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Affordable, simple to install and secure. With EFI PrintMe, users don't need to download software or install complex hardware components. They simply go to through Internet-enabled devices such as PDAs, Blackberries or laptops, browse or upload any document, enter their information and print. Since they are given a receipt number (DocID), which is used to retrieve the document on-demand at the printer, the materials stay confidential.
  • Maximizes employee productivity. Travelers can print anywhere with EFI PrintMe — Hotels, airports, conference centers, hot spots, and corporations, saving time and frustration. The flexible solution can handle most document formats including Microsoft® Word™, PowerPoint™, and Excel™, HTML, JPEG and PDF.
  • Generate greater profits and lower IT costs. EFI PrintMe increases print volumes for businesses centers, enabling them to grow their revenue and reduce their network expenses. The solution helps companies gain a greater competitive edge by enabling them to offer hassle-free, cost effective services to customers that easily integrate into existing networks and printing devices.
  • More abaout PrintMe here. PrintMe Info  or click on link below to send files for printing.